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I'm a contemporary Abstract Expressionist painter based in Montclair, New Jersey.
I use acrylics, oil and soft pastels, natural dyes, pencil, spray paint—and a full-body, active process—to create atmospheric works that pull us out of our heads and into our bodies, our feelings, the serenity and surrender of just being.


I'm Lauren. 



My art is heavily inspired by pioneering female action painters like Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler; mark-making masters like Cy Twombly; the art forms of collage and assemblage; nature and space, in particular the jaw-dropping beauty of nebulae; and the blissful lack of restraint I see in my two young daughters every day.   


My creative process is an act of rebellion, excavation, equal parts self-discovery and escape. I paint without conscious thought, rejecting societal demands for all that is neat, planned, or emotionally contorted. I fling and drip paint, applying and removing layers to build works that reflect my own raw, multi-dimensional thoughts and emotions.


I am self-taught and began painting as a way to channel feelings of anxiety and depression. Painting allows me to face myself while letting me disappear into something bigger than myself at the same time. It focuses my mind on something concrete and mutes my endless, exhausting internal talk track of "Should I?"s, "Could I?"s, "Did I?"s, "Will I?"s.

I was born in Connecticut and spent twenty years in Manhattan and Brooklyn before moving to New Jersey in September, 2020. 

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