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I lay canvases on the floor and paint over them, flinging, dripping, and splattering paint, pastels, and dye with big, sweeping gestures. I prefer to use my hands, feet, and body over traditional brushes to apply color. I also like experimenting with found tools (forks are a favorite) to create unconventional marks and texture. It's exciting to surrender control. As I add paint, I also subtract. I dig into the canvas with my hands and sharp tools to reveal the layers and colors and life underneath. In this way, I see a finished work as a multi-layered collage as much as a painting. 


All of my works are painted on gallery-grade stretched canvas and finished with a semi-matte gloss to protect the integrity of colors. If you'd like to commission an original painting or purchase a work you see here, please email me for availability and pricing at

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